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Adrienne’s African Adventure

December 23rd, 2009

October 10. 2009

This place we are staying at is run by Germans and they are not user friendly.  I will try to send email from my next stop since they will not let me use my memory stick here. 
We are now in Zambia and it seems to be getting more rural.  I believe this area was settled by Europeans and most of them are either German or Dutch.  I am hearing the people in the office talking about people getting robbed and people are scared about something. 
i have written a long note so I will have to send it later. enjoy


October 5, 2009

cheetah131Some of the word or phrases we use a lot are: TIA    THIS IS AFRICA  We get that answer when we ask why this doesn’t work or why is alike this? Just around the corner is a phrase our leader Micory uses.  We always ask when we will get there…..

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Adrienne’s African Adventure

September 30th, 2009


SEPT 21 2009
First day in Africa was fast and furious.  I arrived late the first night, unable to see how different and similar Kenya was.  Similar in the types of trees and flowers to Maui.  Tropical.  The people are lovely.  Very friendly and seem to be gentle.  They all ask about Obama everywhere we go.  Most of the people we meet are very intelligent and seem to know a lot about what is going on in the world.  My taxi driver to the hotel from Nairobi airport used to be a teacher, but the government doesn’t really support education and do not pay teachers, so he makes more money driving.  The group that I am traveling with is younger than me and from all over the world. Most are single women traveling for a year or more, a few newlyweds.  Read more…

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