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Information at your finger tips and in your face… just take a few moments and READ…

I’m up to my neck with people who, for whatever reason, refuse to use and trust the size charts and fail to read the information about availability, ordering and shipping and then complain about the re-stocking, handling and re-listing fee. I’m baffled by the customer’s who do not read the drop-down menus of information and links found on all pages.


You are buying something on the Internet. You can not try it on or hold it up against yourself to see how it might fit as you would at your local store in the mall. YOU MUST TRUST THE SIZE CHARTS. They are accurate. MauiShirts.com offers Made in Hawaii apparel. These things are not made in Taiwan, China, Pakistan, India or any foreign country . 99% of what we sell is Made in the U.S.A. in Honolulu, Hawaii. MauiShirts.com sells and ships over 30,000 garments a year to all parts of the globe. The size charts work for most people. All items are made in VERY LIMITED quantities. No one, but MauiShirts.com allows you SIX MONTHS to facilitate an exchange. Think about it. Not 30 days, but 6 months!


It is imperative that the MauiShirts.com size charts are accurate. MauiShirts.com prefers not to take the time to un-pack your return for exchange or refund. MauiShirts.com wants you to get it right the first time when you place your order. Most orders require solving a mystery when they are received back on Maui for exchange or refund. We call it M.S.O.I., “Maui Shirts Order Investigation”. Most orders that come back are packed poorly and require steaming of the shirt or dress. Most orders that come back do not have an Order Number or enough information to simply make the exchange or refund. Most orders require much research before the refund or exchange can take place. And, believe it or not, this is done in 3 to 5 work days. NOT 30 days or more, like most other businesses.


Exchanges and returns require re-listing the items so the next person can have a choice, steaming of the garment to get the wrinkles out, re-stocking, handling and sorting into the inventory racks. All of this takes a great deal of time. MauiShirts.com tries very hard to give you all the information you require so that you purchase the correct size the first time. A great deal of time and commitment is put into the measurements within the published size charts. Please use them. And, there is a toll free number for you to call if you have further questions about size measurements.


Local Maui time can be found on the top of this page/link.


The measurements within all size charts are measurements of the garments, not your body. MauiShirts.com knows all too well that there are no infants, toddlers, kids or adults built exactly the same way. Everyone is different. Everyone wants their clothes to fit differently. Some like loose fit. Some like tight fit.


So, please, dear customers, stop moaning about the 15% fee for re-stocking, re-listing and handling your returned item because you want a refund and not an exchange. There are NO FEES for exchanges. You can exchange for anything. The web site is over 3,000 pages deep offering thousands of choices. You have six months to make an exchange. All you have to do is mention your Order Number. It is not complicated.


MauiShirts.com works extremely hard to give you all the information you need for shipping, ordering, returns and exchanges. This is unlike every other web site. MauiShirts.com was created as an Internet business.. We are not a little web site that supports a retail store. MauiShirts.com is as serious as it can be about our web site presence. MauiShirts.com is head and shoulders above all others in letting the customer find the information they need to make an intelligent choice. There is a link on the top of all 3,000 plus pages to readily find this information. All you have to do is READ. There is a toll-free number on the bottom area of all web pages. You can track your shipment from links on the bottom of all pages. Everything possible has been done to make your shopping experience up-front, honest and informative.


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