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Do not wash your hand made rayon shirt in your washing machine

September 7th, 2008

Notes for the record:

(1)   Customer purchased the shirt June 30th.

(2)   Request to return received Sept. 8th.


MauiShirts observations: It seems somewhat unlikely that this shirt in question was washed only once. I know if I bought a new shirt I would have wanted to wear it the moment I received it. I suspect this shirt has been washed not once, but several times in a washing machine.




Customer’s Comments: At 09:23 AM 9/7/2008








The first time I washed this shirt, the seam around the collar split and the fabric has started to ravel.  My husband loves the shirt.  Will you please replace it?   Leaves New Men’s Shirt  MS185   /  51.90  Available-Selections = Black – 2X

Thank you.
joan / Benicia, CA


MauiShirts.com Replies:



Thank you for your email. Although I sympathize with the situation, I am unable to accept washed, worn clothes for exchange or return. I will offer you a 50% discount on the shirt.


Use this code: MS5050. It is valid until end of day Sept. 17th. This code entered into the Order Form will take 50% off the price of the LEAVES Men’s shirt.


If the shirt was sewn incorrectly or there is a some flaw in the manufacturing, the shirt would be replaced at no cost. If you think this is the case, then please, send it back for replacement.


If the shirt has been washed in a washing machine without proper care, it will have these sort of thread unraveling issues. 
Here is the link found on the bottom area of all pages of the web site on how to wash and care for your rayon shirts:




Customer replies:


At 09:23 AM 9/7/2008, you wrote:

That’s a damn expensive shirt to fall apart the first time I wash it!  I just published this review on http://www.epinions.com/.
MauiShirts is great when you place an order except their restocking fee.  They are good about replacing wrong sizes and have a very liberal and long exchange policy.  However, they don’t stand behind their merchandise.  I spent $50 for a Hawaiian shirt for my husband.  It looked great, but the first time I washed it the collar seam failed, the fabric frayed and all that MauiShirts offered me was 50% off on the same shirt if I bought another one.  I was once a happy customer who recommended this site to their friends.  Not any more.

MauiShirts responds:



The fees for re-listing, handling and re-stocking and how we accept returns is on the top area of all 3,000 plus pages of the
web site. http://www.mauishirts.com/exchange-returns-help.html


This information drops down on the front page. You are asked to read this information before you place your order to avoid this sort
of discourse.  If, indeed, the shirt was made incorrectly, or it was flawed in any way, it would have been replaced at no cost to you. I have stated this in clear
and easy to understand language.  It, also is stated here: http://www.mauishirts.com/exchange-returns-help.html#wrongItem


It is now obvious, I suspect, that you are mad because of you did follow the washing directions. You washed your shirt in your washing machine incorrectly
and will not admit it.  You failed to read all the information that is almost impossible to miss. The link on how to take care of your hand made rayon shirts
and dresses is on the bottom area of all pages of the web site. http://www.mauishirts.com/careandcleaning.html


The information about hand washing  is also on a label inside the collar of the shirt.


Now you have become a vindictive, angry customer.

MauiShirts reserves our right not to business with you again.


I have added your comments to the MauiShirts.com blog for public information as you have done to us on opinions.com.


You, of course, may also place your comments on our blog to further vent if you so desire.

I have offered a new shirt to you for 50% off. I would have probably paid the shipping, but since you have taken
a stance with an attitude that somehow we have failed, all offers have now been rescinded.


Mickey Steinborn


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