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Press Release – Magnum P.I. Jungle Bird Shirt

October 21st, 2009

Jungle Bird Aloha Shirt remains a Halloween Favorite

This October will mark the sale of 236,360 red Jungle Bird aloha shirts. The shirt has been

an annual Halloween favorite since the 1980 television series Magnum P.I. staring

Tom Selleck became world famous. Hundreds of shirts are sold each October for Halloween

costumes. Put on the red Jungle Bird aloha Shirt, a Detroit Tiger’s baseball cap, affix a

mustache and you are transformed into Magnum P.I. The shirt is made by Honolulu aloha

wear brand “Paradise Found”. The Jungle Bird shirt has been the uniform for the waiters,

waitresses and bartenders at the Kaanapali Shores restaurant in Honokowai, West Maui for

many years. Thousands of shirts are shipped each year to worldwide buyers by the Lahaina,

Maui internet company

Here are some interesting facts. It requires 590,900 yards of cotton Jungle Bird fabric to
create 236,360 shirts. The numbers come from the total amount of yardage purchased by

Paradise Found since 1981. Each shirt uses 2 ½ yards of fabric. This is equivalent to 335.74

miles of fabric or the length of 5,909 football fields. Each shirt’s pocket is sewn to seamlessly

match the shirt background. The original Jungle Bird shirt worn by Tom Selleck was presented

to the Smithsonian Museum for their American Entertainment collection in June, 1988. ###

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