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Mai Tai Lounge takes a win over Kimo’s

I’m now living on this island Paradise for ten years. I eat out most every night. Let me speak about some of my experiences at my local Westside eateries. I’m going to rate these restaurant bars from one to ten; ten being best. I will start this little dilatation on Front Street in Old Lahaina town.

 mai-tai My latest suggestion and highly recommended eatery is the Lahaina Mai-Tai Lounge. Simply follow this little map. It is a few doors past the old established Kimo’s and is located at 839 Front Street. This new exotic eatery is called the Lahaina Mai-Tai Lounge. It is a short walk from my MauiShirts.com showroom located on the second floor of Anchor Square on Papalaua St. The menu at the Lahaina Mai-Tai Lounge is fresh, tropical and exciting. You must try the Sweet Potato Stack. It’s fantastic with a small cost of $ 10.95. This Sweet Potato Stack is the yummiest. The restaurant is on two levels and sits cantilevered over the ocean. There is an upstairs and downstairs bar. The decor is comfortable and full of Polynesian decor and design. The ocean views are spectacular. I’ve eaten many offerings from the menu and all have been delicious. The menu is full of island favorites like Macadamia Nut Encrusted Opah and No Ka Oi Beer Battered Fish and Chips, (No Ka Oi in local Hawaiian means "Simply the Best), to mention only two. The four sushi Sushi Rolls they offer are scrumptious. The sandwiches, burgers and taco portions are large and the prices are less expensive than their neighbors for comparable entrees. I rate the Lahaina Mai Tai Lounge a solid ten. Tell ’em Mickey sent you.

My favorite place used to be Kimo’s, but lately the bartenders have become somewhat taken by some unknown proprietary interest. I think they may be encouraged by management to move you in and out of their limited quantity of bar stools as fast as possible. You can eat and drink at the bar. That is a plus for single guys and locals. The wait for a table upstairs can be excruciating. An empty or vacated bar stool, to the bartenders, and there are usually three of these proficient guys attending the bar nightly, is another tip waiting to happen.

The drinks from some of these Kimo’s guys are not consistent and sometimes weak at best. The tourist brand of their fancy tropical drinks look great with the pineapple and umbrellas attached. Their Mai Tai is better than average, with their big Tiki jug, but I’ve seen some of the pours. They are not the strongest, many a time, that’s for sure. The way they pour wine, to me, is a joke. It’s a nice big glass about half full. I think they have some wine pouring issues. I’ve seen ’em measure the wine into a small carafe and then dump the contents into your glass, making sure you do not get any chance for an over pour. No customers seem to mind. But, where I come from you received a full glass of wine for your money. At Kimo’s it looks like the glass is half empty, not half full. I am sure they would argue this. It must be the size of the glass, not the contents. Sort of like, it’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat.

These proficient Kimo’s bar keeps constantly fuss over you and will nab your swizzle stick or straw and toss it in the ever-ready trash bin, if you happen to rest it on the bar top for a moment while sipping your cocktail. And, they will constantly replace your drink napkin. They will remove your pupu food dishes out of your way and their way, expeditiously. I think the constant attention to cleanliness is to let you know that they are keeping an eye on you.

One thing that I find curious and somewhat disturbing is the fact that they let toddlers and kids sit and drink at the bar. So, and I’ve seen this more than once, if you want a couple of kids kneeling on their knees on the wood bar stool next to you sucking their non-alcohol, Shirley Temple drink out of a bended straw waiting for them to spill it all over the bar and into your lap and down your leg…grab you bar stool and belly up to the bar. And, be careful of what we locals call ‘stroller-burn’. These baby strollers are prevalent in this ground floor, ocean front eatery. So, don’t let one of these free wheeling kid carriages run up too close to your heels. You will be burned. If you don’t mind crying babies, screaming banshee children and kids running around, this is the place for you and your family.

The pupu menu is common and unchanged for years. The food, fish, chicken dishes are better than average. The giant portion of their legendary prime-rib is one the islands best. If price bothers you, then you best find another place. Kimo’s is not for the budget minded. I rate this place a shaky seven to eight at best.

Meandering Mickey

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