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Manic Mickey Reports

April 6th, 2008

Well, it’s time again for me to vent some frustrations and observations.

Every week I receive and log in about a dozen return boxes. That is not bad considering I’m shipping upwards to 300 boxes per week. MauiShirts.com is shipping about 2,000 shirts and dresses to happy customers around the world every month. Nine to ten of these dozen return shipments are for exchanges of size. Very few returns are for refund. It really amazes me why people do not use the size charts.  A great deal of time is put into creating and maintaining the size charts. I listen to customer’s comments and revise them as necessary. The size charts are there on all pages of 99% of all listings. They are accurate. They are measurements of the different garments, not of your body. They have no relationship to any other manufacturer. They work and are a great help if only people would use them.What I keep seeing is that people simply do not take the time to read the information that I have provided for them. No other web site places the contact information and the seller’s policies on the top of every single page of the web site. No other web site offers links for shipment tracking on the bottom area of all pages as well as from the confirmation email when you place your order.

The movement and status of your order can be determined quickly, all of the time.  There is a toll free telephone number on the bottom of all pages. Customer feedback from all Yahoo buyers is on the top left of all pages. The information you need to make an intelligent and informed purchase is totally accessible from anywhere on the web site. I can’t make it any easier. I can not be more honest or more upfront. The web site is approaching 3,000 pages now. I guess it’s a good thing that customer’s are placing their orders without reading the information about shipping, returns, exchanges, etc. They buy blind; at least from MauiShirts.com. They have faith and simply place their order with confidence. But, believe me, if people would simply take a few minutes to read the information about sizing, shipping, returns and exchanges they would be much happier and I would receive less exchange orders and fewer emails asking how to exchange. I would receive fewer phone calls about the information that could not be more accessible. MauiShirts.com offers more of a selection children’s, men’s and women’s Hawaiian Aloha wear than any other web site that I can find. MauiShirts.com offers more white shirts, dresses and children’s clothes than anyone, anywhere on the planet. All prices, by comparison, apples to apples, are some of the lowest on the planet.

On another note; I giggle out loud when I read comments in the Special Instructions box like the following. “Please rush, I need this shirt quickly”. “This dress is for a wedding, please send quickly.” And, a dozen other comments about how fast they need their order.  Few of these notes tell me anything specific as to exactly when they need the order in their hands. Also, I’ve come to discover, from many phone calls to customers, that 99% of the time they never tell the truth when they really need the order in their hands. Let it be known, that is stated on the Shipping and General Information page. MauiShirts.com will ship out your order the same day it is received if at all possible. MauiShirts.com is passionate about shipping quickly. We never sit on an order. We never put off today what we can do tomorrow.

Or, this one makes me laugh out loud. A few people, each month, select Priority or Standard Federal Express “Overnight” shipment options when they live somewhere on the Mainland in the Mid-West or on the east coast, Florida, New Jersey or Maine.  The information about Federal Express shipping is in clear and easy to understand language. These services do not exist to these areas from Maui. By selecting these impossible options does not get your order shipped any faster. ALL orders are treated as a RUSH! Finally, there are now almost 400 different prints offered in over a dozen styles. It should be common knowledge, if you think about it for a moment, that it is simply impossible to keep every single item in stock in every color, size and style all of the time. MauiShirts.com can not do it. The manufacturing factory in Honolulu can not do it. The policy is simple. MauiShirts.com NEVER places a substitute item in your shipment. If you do not pick some alternate colors or prints by using the “Special Instructions” box on the bottom left of your order form, your partial order will be shipped.  As always, a refund will be issued at the time of shipment for any item not included into your shipment box.

Many Mahalos for shopping with MauiShirts.com
Manic Mickey  


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