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The Irony of the Pink Flamingo

It happened on Friday, the afternoon before the 4th of July weekend.
One week earlier on Friday, Trellissa receives a phone call from a woman that needs a Hawaiian shirt for a party she has been invited to. She says she is known as the Pink Flamingo Lady. She collects flamingo things and would only like to purchase a shirt she saw listed on the Amazon.com web site. It is a cotton R. J. Clancey brand; Pink Flamingo Hibiscus ladies shirt in blue in 2X. She is curious how the sizing and makes this inquiry to Trellissa. Trellissa instructs her to use the size chart that is only available for the Paradise Found rayon ladies shirts. They settle on the 2X large.

The following Friday she calls Trellissa again to ask why the shipment hasn’t been shipped. She had not received the Federal Express tracking number.  We frantically run around the showroom in an attempt to locate her paperwork. It can’t be found anywhere. Then we have a brilliant idea. Let’s check the stack of 30 boxes waiting for Federal Express to pick up. FedEx is going to pick up in the next 30 minutes or so. Panic sets in. Lo and behold, there it is. All packed and ready to go. Then, I have an after thought. I never packed a 2X shirt. Hmmm. My hunch is correct.


We unpacked the box. Yikes, it’s a Medium! I placed the wrong size into the customer’s box. Trellissa proceeds to call the Honolulu factory in hopes that they have a 2X in stock, for the possibility of a drop ship direct from Honolulu factory to the customer.  They will do this in case of an emergency. Lord knows that rush and emergency do not belong in the same sentence as aloha wear. But, there are exceptions to most everything. Now the bad news rears its ugly head. The factory informs Trellissa that woman’s cotton shirts are not made in a 2X size. It does not exist. We immediately blame the Amazon.com data entry employee.

As a rule of thumb, and as common practice, we always place the blame of errors and omissions on to the person that isn’t working that day. Blame the person not here. It’s a safe practice. But, in this case the web guy did make an omission. A week earlier he was instructed to take down, remove, all 2X listings of cotton women’s shirts. He did so, as instructed, expect for that one listing of the ladies Pink Flamingo Hibiscus Blue shirt. Trellissa made a mistake by not telling the customer no 2X cotton ladies shirts are made. She simply did not know. She was new on the job. I made a mistake by almost sending out the wrong size. That’s how it is around here. The only customer calling to check on her order was the one that was packed incorrectly, and in this case, did not exist.

Needless to say, Trellissa was fired on the spot. This happens about three to four times a week. She is immediately hired back. It’s tough to find loyal workers here on this paradise isle, Maui. I fired myself as well, and indeed, re-hired on the spot. Web data guy was immediately reprehended and instructed to finish his mandate from last week.

After two phone calls back to the customer, we luckily found a compromise. She accepted a Men’s shirt in Large. The party was the next Tuesday. We ran after the Federal Express truck, literally, and handed the driver the box. It will arrive in two work days; Tuesday. All was well. We are human. We make mistakes. As I always say, One mistake always begets another mistake. In this case I was definitely right. TGIF!


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