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“…easy, quick and quality of the product was above average”

August 31st, 2013

boatRating: Excellent

Price Rating:OK

Shipping Options Rating:Excellent

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent

Customer Service Rating:Excellent


FINDING MY PRODUCT: Finding the shirt I wanted was very simple through internet search. I wanted a Hawaiian shirt with Chris Crafts boats on it and did a search for it and found it.

ORDERING: Ordering was pretty simple and options to pay were numerous. I love the fact they also accept PayPal. Didn’t have to fill out a ton of information like most sights I order from or "become a member".

SHIPPING: Shipping was reasonable and very quick. The shirt arrived before I thought it would.

Packaging: The packaging the shirt came in was great. Nothing fancy but was packaged where it wouldn’t come open and risk something happening to my shirt and it was still in it’s original plastic wrap to protect it.

QUALITY: The quality is great! The size chart on the website was easy to follow to get a perfect fit for my husband. The material is awesome. Soft, comfortable, lightweight but yet sturdy and durable.

PRICING: Thought the shirt was priced a bit higher (about $10.00 higher) than the other sights I found it on, this was the ONLY place that had the blue in Large. This shirt is or is about sold out at every place I looked, so I can understand the whole "supply and demand" factor 🙂

OVERALL: I have already ordered 2 shirts from Mauishirts.com. After I received the first one for my husband and seen the quality, I then ordered one for my father in law for Christmas! Overall, this is the place I will turn to when needed any of the items they carry. My order was easy, quick and quality of the product was above average. Thank-you so much!

Jeannie A. / Guntersville, AL

Presidents Note: MauiShirts.com web site is almost 4,000 pages deep offering up tens of thousands of choices. No other web site offering made in Hawaii clothing comes close in comparison. Anyone can offer items cheaper; especially if they don’t have the inventory. It’s called bait and switch.

It is impossible to keep stock of every print in every size, color and style all of the time. Think about it. Things sell out, fabric runs out and a dozen other mitigating factors come into play.

This customer purchased the very last shirt of this print in size and color.

Customer's Communicate

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