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Don’t believe everything you read

June 20th, 2007


MauiShirts.com is the only Aloha Wear web site that places its customer feedback, in plain view, on all 2,500 pages of the web site. It’s there, on the top left hand corner, for everyone to read.


Don’t believe the claims of a dissatisfied customer. For the most part they exaggerate and lie. They are so mad that things did not go their way, they want to bring you down to their level of incompetency.


I see it clearly. I’ve processed tens of thousands of orders in the last ten years. When a shopper does not get their way, in many instances, they get vindictive and exaggerate their claims. About one in very 500 orders, there is a person like this. They want you to believe we are incompetent and that we ship late and that we don’t respond to their phone calls and email in a timely fashion. The truth is, in 100% of these rants, the shopper did not follow simple requests.


They don’t pick alternate choices. They take no time what-so-ever to read the Important Information page or the Refunds, Exchanges and Return page, nor do they bother to read any of this information on check-out page. They expect their order in two days. They want instant gratification. They are impatient, demanding and unreasonable.


No one is more passionate in the desire to fulfil your order than MauiShirts.com. It is as simple as that. MauiShirts.com would not be in business long if it was not performing in a professional manner. MauiShirts.com has been fulfilling your orders for over ten years now. MauiShirts.com has earned a top position in customer service comparable to the best of the best. If we did not fulfill your orders with speed and compassion we would not be in this enviable position. But, there is one thing I know as truth. MauiShirts.com can not be all things to all people. No matter how hard we try, there will always be someone that we simply can not make happy.


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