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Two shirts purcahsed one year ago show up as a return for refund

Now here is one for the books.

A man purchased a few shirts close to over a year ago. He sends me an email and says the shirts he purchased less than a year ago have manufacturing defects and flaws. The threads around the collar and button holes are unraveling. He wants to exchange them for new shirts and he offers to pay the shipping. The shirts arrive in a used shipping bag, (one that was previously used to send him something else), totally and unbelievably crumpled, unbuttoned, smelling from laundry detergent like they just came out of the washing machine. In my nine years in business, this was a first. What nerve. No wonder the threads were unraveling. You can?t mistreat the rayon shirts by putting them in a washing machine. My goodness, you are paying $50 to $60 dollars for a quality shirt. You need to take care of it. Don?t toss it in with your underwear. You must cold water wash or send to a dry cleaners. I sent him an email answer when the shirts were logged in on Maui. I told him that I would not issue a refund and I would not send them back to him. I told him they were in such poor condition that should be in the trash can. I?m sure I?ve not heard the end of this. Oh, well. Just another day in paradise on the valley isle of Maui.


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