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The Good Stuff

September 7th, 2007

 Shirts arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for your help. The shirts were worth waiting for. Love them!!!!

L. Miller, Elk Grove, CA


To everyone at Maui Shirts:
Thank you for another order delivered swiftly and efficiently, as usual. The chilli shirt is a birthday present for my husband and I know he’ll be delighted with it as he’s been casting envious glances at my previous purchases and complaining about how boring most of his clothes are…
Lovely shirts, excellent delivery service. The shirt took eight days to reach me, which from Hawaii to Gloucestershire is, I think, pretty good. Many UK companies do a lot worse! At the risk of gushing, I should say that I also love your web site, especially the old shirts and prints museum section, which is an inspiration and can be relied upon to cheer me up when the UK weather gets dismal.

Best wishes,
Catherine Mason.



Hi Mickey,

The shirts arrived today and they look great! Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly. I was not expecting them until Friday. The search to find the perfect Hawaiian shirts for my wedding took a long time and I almost ran out of time. We are so thankful for your wide selection of shirts and even though you did not have our first choice the second choice was even better than the first. Keep up the great work!!




The 2 toddler outfits I ordered arrived yesterday, Aug.29. They are just beautiful and a perfect fit for both! My 2 grandchildren will be the hit of a Hawaiian themed wedding we are going to in Newport, RI this weekend! Thanks so much to you and Trellissa for great personal service to get the order here on time.

We love your products and the service so I am sure you will hear from us again!



Susan Wohl

Thank you 20,000 times over. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you to the hundreds upon hundreds of loyal customers that continue to place re-orders. Thank you for your repeat business. My customers on this web site, Shop.com, Amazon.com and Ebay have taken MauiShirts.com out of obscurity in a few short years into the top positions on the first page every major search engine. My incredible success has come from people like you. Many Mahalos for your patience and understanding. I will not let the few misguided people dissuade me from my hard work. I will continue to offer the best Aloha Wear on the planet along with fun to read and interesting content.
At this time, I have become overwhelmed and inundated with orders, phone calls and email. I simply can not keep up with the demand. I am attempting to hire more help. I am unable to update the web sites fast enough to reflect exchanges, existing and remaining inventories lately. It common to have two or three people buy the same item when there is only one or two in stock. I can only offer my apologies. I am one to two days behind in sending emails. I’m two or three days behind in my web site updates. I’m working as fast as I can. I’m working 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week in an attempt to stay on top of things. Please be patient.

And, most important, at this time, April 26th, 2007, I can not accept any more rush orders. If you can not wait a reasonable length of time, two, three to five work days for me to ship your order, please do not place a new order.

To the few people who have sent items back to Maui for an exchange or return, please be patient. I will refund you money. Please refrain from calling and sending emails. No one has ever not received their refund.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. I will continue to strive to meet all of your concerns.
Mickey Steinborn
President, MauiShirts.com, Inc.


  1. Bob Warren
    May 1st, 2007 at 18:32 | #1

    I just wanted to thank you for the help on our purchase of 157 california shirts. We’ve been getting them out to all sorts of our friends and partners, and they love them. We had an international press trip last week, and we now have shirts on there way to Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine,England and Germany. By the way, you’ll be getting no returns or exchanges from us – we love the shirts. We’ll be back in Maui next January, and promise to come by and box up a few outbound shirts for you.
    Thanks again for the suggestion that we buy the entire lot of the California shirts.

  2. July 23rd, 2007 at 07:43 | #2

    Finally, hehe, a happy customer. Don’t forget I still have a load of San Francisco Shirts. See ya in January, 2008

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