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Button Holes: An explanation from History

October 25th, 2008

200px-ButtonHole I always wondered why men’s shirt buttonholes are on the left side of the front, and women’s blouse buttonholes are on the right side.

Various theories have been expounded: One is that in the past, ladies were dressed by servants, and buttons were usually on the back of the dress. It was easier for the right-handed person to handle the buttons.

Another is that men’s tunics had the left side on top so that if the man had to pull out his sword, it wouldn’t catch on the shirt.

The traditions have continued to this day, even though the reasons are lost in the past. It is the same for Hawaiian shirts: men’s shirt buttonholes on the left front, ladies on the right.

If we all went topless, we wouldn’t have to worry about it. However, our friend in the Hawaiian shirt business would go broke . . . and Maui Blackie would lose his blog!

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