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“….big Aloha…”

November 15th, 2010

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Women’s Shannon Marie Cotton Aloha Shirts


Hey Mickey,


I don’t know if you remember the distraught Amazon shopper from a few days ago, "screaming" about his sister’s birthday shirt being shipped, by Amazon, to the address that I had changed (originally my fault, of course)… well, I apologize for the screaming, but heard from my sister in NYC that her beautiful Maui Shirt arrived today and she loves it! All thanks to you!

We are going to the BI to visit my brother in March and I’m sure we’ll find your shirts there as gifts to bring home. And the next time I visit Lahaina (it’s been 10 years, I’m due!) I’ll stop by for a big ALOHA.

Your website is on my Bookmarks… I know where to look for gifts….directly,

Thanks again,

Tom W. / El Granada, CA

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