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Returns, Exchanges and Refunds : M.S.O.I. in action

April 22nd, 2007

Just another wonderful day in this Maui Paradise. Sunday. I got here at 6:15 a.m. to catch up on returns, exchanges and refunds. I finished the paperwork, issuing all refunds for exchanges and returns about 5 hours later, just before noon.

85% or more of the apparel I receive back on Maui is for exchanges. Most of them for a different size. I can not impress upon you strong enough to read and use the published size charts. Much effort has gone into these size charts. They are accurate to many customer?s chagrin. These size charts are so good that many of my competitors steal them and call them their own.

There are no two clothing manufacturers that can agree on any sizing criteria. The size charts on the pages of MauiShirts.com pertain specifically to Paradise Found and R. J. Clancey apparel. They have little, if any, relationship to other manufactures sizing. If people would just use them, they would save a lot of time. And, save a great deal of return postage money. Of course, there are no two people built in the same way. And, fashion and how you like to wear your garments is a personal thing and again, beauty and comfort is an individual thing. Take note: the charts are extremely helpful. I mean, you know if you are difficult to fit or not. So, don?t attempt to get your square peg body into a round size garment or visa versa. Aloha wear is made to fit loosely. You know, hang loose. Aloha Friday and all. There is not top button on most Aloha shirts.

But, I digress. Back to returns, exchanges and refunds. The acronym M.S.O.I. means Maui Shirts Order Investigation. This is a very important aspect of doing business on-line. Attempting to refund money for exchanges and refunds without having the customer?s order number. The bulk, at least it seems, of the boxes received here on Maui for returns and / or exchanges have something missing; the original order number, the exchange order number, no paperwork of any kind inside the box, tiny pieces of paper with fast scribble, mostly unreadable chicken scratch notes inside the box, notes to exchange this for that, and lots of a lack of common sense information, unbuttoned or unzipped items. Shirts and dresses are folded without much concern, and all together without much regard. About one in every few hundred get nabbed for the $ 7.50 steaming fee. And, when they get nabbed for this steaming fee they really, really deserve it. If you would only fold the things like you were packing to go on a trip. Lay them flat and fold them flat. I do receive many things in bags and envelopes. I frown on this, but these people know how to fold. The shirts and dresses come out of the bag or envelope flat and easy to hang and re-stock. Just because you put it in a box does not mean you don?t have to fold it! You would be surprised how many people send things back without any information what so ever. Not even a readable return address. In many instances I can do a search by a name, an email address, a physical address, city or state to locate the person. This can take a long time. I have no idea where they made their purchase; Amazon.com, Shop.com, Ebay, MauiShirts.com, telephone order, mail order. A few each month go into the “unknown” file. I spend 5 to 10 minutes on the unknowns and if I can?t locate who they are, they go into the file. All orders from all sources are sorted and stored by their order number. The people who return things with little or no information about their order are the first ones to call my toll free number and complain about not receiving their refund within 3 to 5 days. Sheesh. As if they were the only customer?s I have.

Many people have more than one email address and never spell their names or their addresses the same way twice. These are the most difficult to determine. M.S.O.I. goes into action.

So, if you want your refund for your exchange or refund, in quick fashion, please include your order number. The order number is not the item number, it is not the stock number, it is not the USPS Delivery Confirmation number, it is not the Federal Express tracking number, it is not your telephone number and it is not anything except your order number. No mater where you place your order, Amazon.com, Shop.com, MauiShirts.com, you will receive a confirmation, via email, within seconds, giving you your order number. Even when you place your order on the telephone, you will receive an order number.

Many Mahalos to all of you wonderful folks that include your order number in your email and requests. And, many Mahalos to all you wonderful folks that know how to button up a shirt and fold it flatly and kudos to those women who can fold a dress so that when it is unfolded it can be placed back into available, saleable stock.


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