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How to fit a long tank dress into a playing card box…

April 14th, 2007

You?re going to love this little tidbit. In my nine years of doing business on-line offering returns and exchanges I?ve literally received hundreds of boxes, bags, packages, envelopes of all kinds, shapes and sizes. I hate them when they are sealed with duct tape. You would be surprised how many people just crumple up their return apparel as if it was someone?s laundry and shove it without any care into some bag or envelope. Put some stamps on it and drop it into the closest Post Office box on the corner of some street.

The other day a lady returned a Long Tank dress folded and rolled so small that it barely squeezed into a box a little larger than a deck of cards. How she managed this feat is hard to imagine. This was, by far, the worst case of a returned item. Where was this person?s common sense? The creases and wrinkles in this dress took over 45 minutes to steam out. When I deducted the $ 7.50 from her refund she sent an email telling me that this information should have been told to her before she made her purchase. She also said that the dress and shirt she purchased were received by her in wrinkled condition. She accused me of not doing the math correctly and demanded I refund an additional $ 7.50.

Let me state, without any BS, right here and now. All apparel is folded and neatly wrapped in sheets of tissue paper with great care. They are placed into a large USPS Priority or Federal Express box for protection. Some wrinkles will occur. After all, these are rayon clothes. They wrinkle.

Not only did this tiny wrapping person not read the information in the email sent to her when she asked for the return, she did not see it on the check out page either. There is no small print. I do not try to hide anything from anyone about these sort of things. She did not read it from a link on the top of all 2,500 pages. It?s called RETURNS / EXCHANGES / REFUNDS. No other web site makes this information so easy to find. And, to top it off, she did not read the 8 ?” X 11″ color letter head notice on how to send things back to Maui she received in her shipment box. The information was in her face in RED. She not only ignored all this information, she sent the package back via First Class mail. This cost her a couple of extra dollars instead of using Priority Mail that is suggested in the email she received and recommended on the returns/exchanges/ refund page. She did purchase another item that she kept and did not exchange or return. I felt sorry for her that I had to deduct 15% restocking fee along with the $ 7.50 steaming cost. I gave her a coupon code worth $ 10.00 for any subsequent purchase. I?ve not heard back from her.


Package Manager, M.S.O.I.


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