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Naked ring bearers and groomsmen …

July 23rd, 2010

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Email from an irate Amazon.com customer:

“You guarantee delivery in four to five business days and we depended upon that. I am getting married and now do not have the clothing for that wedding. I ordered on the sixteenth and it is now the 23rd. You failed to keep your end of the deal and I believe I am due a complete refund! I am not even going to open the box if it ever gets here! I will ship it back unopened for a complete refund. Thank you for ruining my wedding! The other people that ordered got theirs in the time stated why did you wait to ship mine so late? Ridiculous! My ring bearers shirts and the groomsmen’s pants were all missing! “
Sandra J. / Port Clinton, OH


NOTE: This is what I like to refer to as “Poor planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.”

It should be noted that no where on the main web site or on the Amazon.com web site do we guarantee any shipping times.  We ship from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The common United Sates Post Office 3 day delivery time for Priority Mail packages does not apply to Maui. No package travels direct from Maui to the Mainland. All shipments must stop in Honolulu and change airplanes. This in itself, in most instances, is the loss of one full day. It has happened that some packages have made it to some areas in California in two days.

As a footnote; the distance from Lahaina, Maui to Port Clinton, Ohio is about 4,500 miles.

Email response to this misguided, troubled newlywed:


Thank you for your email.

Your order was logged in after business hours on Friday, July 16th. Saturdays and Sundays cannot be counted in shipping time. The option to call our toll free number was open to you. The order could have been expedited to 2nd Day Federal Express. You chose United States Post Office Priority Mail for your shipping option. We do not pick or pack orders after 4 PM on weekdays and we do not ship on Saturday or Sunday. There is no Post Office service on Sunday.

Your order was picked, packed and shipped within two business days. Your order shipped 3 days ahead of the Amazon.com posted ship time of July 23rd. The order shipped on July 20th.

TRACKING NUMBER: deleted to protect the customer privacy.

The U.S. Post Office offers no guarantees of shipping times. Most orders arrive to Mainland destination within 3 to 5 business days. If you do not want the shipment, please refuse the box. Please do NOT open the box. Please hand it back to the Post Office or your local mail carrier. Mark it "REFUSED" or "RETURN TO SENDER". A full refund will be issued when the box is logged back on Maui. No 15% administrative processing fee will be deducted.  Shipping charges cannot be refunded.

Mickey Steinborn
Mauishirts, Inc.
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