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Vindictive Fat Lady with a hair ball stuck in her brain..

April 9th, 2007

Then there’s the sad, misguided customer from Amazon.com who is a 2X. I wonder if she is ugly too? (just kidding!) ┬áMost big people are kind and friendly. Not this one. She didn’t read the size chart. She didn’t read the Seller’s Policy. This important information is in your face and has links on every single listing. It could not be any easier.

She purchased the last size and color of one of the most popular dresses. She was pissed that she had to pay $ 8.01 for a re-stocking fee. She was so mad that, before she ever sent the dress back, she left scathing negative feedback in the public forum. She wanted to hurt me in the wallet. She is stupid enough to think there are other people on this planet that think and act like her. Well, unfortunately there are some. The important issue here is that MauiShirts.com has built a reputation of great customer service. However, no matter how hard we try to satisfy everyone, there is always someone, that no matter what you do, who will always be mean and unhappy. I suggest a diet or date with Richard Simmons for this fat lady before she sings. She has the word kitten in her email address. The only thing kitten about this double X size of a woman is the hair ball she swallowed when she was younger. (just kidding again!) What an attitude. Vindictive, vicious and just plain stupid. She says my exchange policy is rigid and ridiculous. Hmmm. There is no re-stocking fee for exchanges. What is rigid with that? There are literally thousands of items to choose from. You can exchange for anything. And, you have six months to do it. The only thing rigid is her. Or is it frigid. (ha,ha)

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