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You can’t always get what you want

December 23rd, 2009

Price Rating:OK
Shipping Options Rating:Good
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Ease of Purchase Rating:OK
Customer Service Rating:Good

It really is a nice site.  However, purchasing for infants is challenging.  We have twins in our family and, of course, Mom loves to dress them alike. Many of the outfits that you had were limited in quantity.  That being said, the ones that we were able to purchase two of each are not only adorable but looked to be of good quality!  I do see myself ordering again from Mauishirts.com in the future.  Thank you!


My comments:

When you read the “Available-Selections” drop-down menu and you see that that there is specific on-hand stock show: 2 in stock, 1 in stock etc., you must realize that there is no more. Every print must come to an end sometime. It is impossible to stock every print, in every color, in every size and in every style all of the time. MauiShirts.com offers thousands of items that are made in very limited quantities in Honolulu.

MauiShirts.com sells Made In Hawaii family apparel. Every single item is made in limited quantity. Fabric sells out. Styles sell out. Prints sell out.
New prints are added frequently. The choices and selections are tremendous all of the time. The web site is over 3,500 pages. MauiShirts.com stocks over 23,000 items in our showroom.

It is always recommended that alternate colors, prints be selected to prevent partial orders and disappointment.

Mickey Steinborn

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