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Response to an “Awful” feedback in the Yahoo public forum

May 17th, 2010

hibiscus-plumeria Aloha,

Normally I do not respond to a Yahoo customer feedback.
I’ve made an exception with your comments. I’m somewhat appalled, insulted by your comments in the public forum.

By default, enables Yahoo to request a feedback. It is not a service I set up for you to make up stories and type in untruths. It is there for honest comment and criticism.

Your "awful" comments stand out like a sore thumb amongst hundreds of happy customers. resides within the top 3% of all of Yahoo merchants with positive customer feedback.

What would cause you to offer such nonsense into the public forum? There is an accurate size chart on ALL pages for every print and every style on the web site.  No other web site on the planet, or any web site selling made in Hawaii clothing, for that matter, offers such extensive size charts. How could you miss the information?

How could you rate the price awful? No one forced you to make the purchase. You must have seen the price when you placed the shirt into your shopping cart. You had to see the cost when you received your confirmation within a few seconds after you completed your order. You purchased a custom made print. No one else offers this ladies shirt print or style in a SIZE 24.

How could you rate customer service awful? You never spoke with anyone or emailed me with any concern.

There is nothing "MISLEADING" what-so-ever on my web site. All the information and much, much more is at your fingertips. One only needs to took a few seconds to read it.

I almost plead with people to read the site’s information from a drop-down menu when one enters the web site from the front page. There are links on the top area of all 3,500 pages. Everything you could possibly ask about is there.

I allow six (6) months to make an exchange.No one selling made in Hawaii clothing offers such extensive exchange privileges.

I notice you have purchased a previous order; a 5X Men’s shirt; Order # 26251, February 25, 2010. If was so awful, why did you come back to make a second purchase?

I have dealt with people of all ages and sizes from all parts of the world with a spirit of Aloha for over a decade. I am baffled that my shipping department shipped to you in the first place. It will not happen again. You paid with an "unverified" PayPal account. I have blacklisted your email address. I will request that Yahoo delete your silly, untrue feedback when and if it publishes. Any further comment from you will automatically go into the trash spam folder on the Yahoo servers. I have blocked both IP addresses from your current and previous Order.Your entry into my web site will be blocked.

You are not the kind of person I would ever want to come in contact with again..


Mahalo, (Thank you),
Mickey Steinborn. President


—–Original Message—–
From: M. G. – through Yahoo! Shopping   
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: Customer feedback 

To view this order follow this link:

Rating: Awful


Price Rating:Awful

Shipping Options Rating:Awful

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Good

Customer Service Rating:Awful


Body:MISLEADING and therefore not enough information about the SIZEe of the garments (shirts) was included before the purchase. It taught me to shop where returns are allowed. I will not recommend this site to anyone.

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