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International Compliments

January 28th, 2008
Dear Mauiman,
I have just received my Olive green Bird of Paradise sarong dress, and just wanted to say how absolutely delighted I am with both the purchase and your excellent customer services.
It has only taken just over a week to ship to my home in England; delivery on purchases I’ve made in this country can often take far longer with a fraction of the distance to travel !
I am very much looking forward to wearing it now, but alas I must wait for my next cruise.  As you can probably guess, we don’t exactly have the weather for it here in England; definitely not at this time of year… probably why resort-wear is virtually impossible to find here in the UK.
Thankyou ever so much.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Hatton
Lytham St. Annes, 


An International Customer has nice things to say…

January 21st, 2008
Thanks Mickey for Classic Chevy sarong dress. I am very happy with it. A great job!
I will be placing some further orders with you shortly.
kind regards from the U.K.
Michelle Brownlow


An International Customer has nice things to say…

January 21st, 2008
Thanks Mickey for Classic Chevy sarong dress. I am very happy with it. A great job!
I will be placing some further orders with you shortly.
kind regards from the U.K.
Michelle Brownlow


Service…Size Charts…Quality…Selection…Hmmm, I’m doing something right !

January 19th, 2008
My shirts arrived yesterday ; they are fantastic ! I love the casual
feel and great fit of them ; it’s not often that I find unique shirts
like these in my 3X size with a choice of colors too ! I’m so glad that
I found your site ; I’ve passed it along to folks in my address book who
enjoy high quality and unique shirts .
I’m 73 years old , loved airplanes since my days in grade school , and
had a 40 year career in engineering with McDonnell Douglas . Needless to
say , I;m fascinated with both the WW ll Boeing shirt and the WW l
fighter shirt as well ! They will be a welcome addition to the Boeing
commercial aircraft shirt that I already have . 
I’ll wear your shirts proudly and be happy to tell all where they came
from ! I’ll be back ; your selection , generously proportioned sizes ,
product quality , and service are unequalled ! Thanks again for making
beautiful shirts that easily fit my larger than average size !
Best wishes ,
Robert T. West
Manchester , MO. 


Gosh! Are the size charts really correct…?

January 17th, 2008
Aloha Mickey;
Thank you for the beautiful dresses – I recieved them today – how super fast !!! They are wonderful and fit perfectly.. Thank you for everything.. I will order more shortly!! They will work perfectly on our cruise..
Have a great day !!!
Sunny Hill from Melba, Idaho


The Waveshoppe (Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha) speaks with a forked tongue

January 3rd, 2008

Here is some comments found on The Waveshoppe little web site blog. The Waveshoppe’s  web site is not much of anything. He is of no consequense. He speaks about the blog. I felt I needed to expose this, so called, competitor’s Bull Shirt, after I took the time to read his made-up lies and crap, for what it really is. His comentary is simple made-up fiction. Dog poop of the first degree. First of all, I’m going to give you his web site address right here, up front. He has very little, in comparison, to offer. Every item that is offered on his web site, apples to apples, to that of’s web site, is $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 higher in price on every single listed item. So if you would like to do some price comparison shopping here it is: Shop at your own risk with this charlatan. The Waveshoppe  is vengeful, wicked and jealous. He is a blatant, foolish liar. He has taken comments out of context and points a finger, (I think the middle one), at me for mistreating my customers.


Here are the  “Wave” web site comments in order of how they appear within The Waveshoppe’s blog. All these comments were run together from the month of May, 2007. Note: I have not corrected his grammar and spelling. Nothing has been edited.


Quotes to follow – here are his words: “Ok I am simply floored. I was doing some phrase research on Google the other day and I ran across one of the most horrifying Blogs I have ever seen. The Blog states that it is authored Mickey Steinborn, who also indicates that he is the owner of Maui Shirts. This Blog is an atrocity, full of shameful rambling and rude comments about his customers. Now I don’t care one bit what you think about during your day to day adventures, but you should NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU or post negative comments about your customers on the Web.”


My reply to his comments above: First of all, the ‘rude comments”, are not about customer’s, really. The comments are  directed to the people who think they deserve to be treated as customers, but, who, indeed, have never made a purchase and simply wanted something for nothing. These people, so called customers, are not feeding me in any way. They were just wasting my time. The comments are about disgruntled people who did not read any of the easy to locate shipping and general information pages for returns, exchanges and refunds before they placed their order. In two cases their orders were canceled. There was NO SALE ! No credit card was charged. Nothing shipped. That was no transaction. These are rants to people who did not want to pay the handling, re-stocking or re-listing fee. These are people who have sent things back with little or no regard as to how they packed their return. These types of folks are the one in one thousand. 99% of my buyers, customers, are real people with honest concerns and genuine, honest comments. (Read the Yahoo Customer Feedback below this blog on the left navigation bar). The links about ordering, exchanges, returns, refunds, general information and shipping, contact MauiShirts are on the top area of all 2,500 pages of the web site. Shipping and General Information: Returns, Exchanges & Refunds: No other web site places this information so readily available. No other web site offers up this information so easily and accessible.


You must first purchase something and be happy with your purchase to become a genuine customer. If all you want to do is try it on and buy two sizes because you refuse to belive the size charts, what am I to do? All items are hand made, one at a time, in limited quantities. If you are going to take it off my racks and then send it back all crumpled and stuffed into a bag, I have no choice but to charge for this rudeness.


Also, let me be perfectly clear. My blog is not to obtain customers or to solicit business. No way. The blog is there to tell it like it is. It’s In your face with pure honesty. If honesty is a negative, then I am guilty, 100%.


Here are his second comment about my blog from mister wave boy – The Waveshoppe :


“In regards to my title, when you link to a site you are giving it an endorsement and guilty by association if the recipients are doing people wrong. But you can be the judge, at the end of this post I will provide you with the address of this flea bitten dogs site, and yes, I ask that you consider removing any links you may have to his Maui Shirts dot com site. Below are is sampling from the Blog, let it be known that we do not condone nor endorse anything that Mickey Steinborn has to say.


They send me nasty email about my poor customer service. They point their finger at me. They shout with bold letters and complain that my customer service is poor. They go out of their way to leave negative feedback in the public forum. The say I communicate poorly. Well, when I run up a goof like this, I simply block their IP address, place their email in the spam blocker and get on with life and real people. I have tried to deal with these negative people. I try to reason with them. It’s simply a waste of my time. They are bent on screwing with me. I will not deal with people who want to bring me down to their level of incompetence.”


My reply to this dribble: There is nothing hateful about my response to vindictive and cruel comments from people who are unhappy because things did not go their way. I don’t usually stoop to silly name calling like The Waveshoppe, but in this case it has been much fun.  My comments come from the heart and are based in fact and truth. You are at a great loss If things do not go your way because you have not taken the time to read the information on the web site. I did not solicit these so called mean, hateful customers in any way. Nor, did I start the ball rolling. If you are mean, evil and vindictive with me, you will receive comment in return. I’ll not sit back and be slapped in the face, for no reason what-so-ever. They made the choice to shop with They simply did not follow the simple instructions or read the information. I’ve been in business for over 50 years. I’m no spring chicken. My many successful business ventures and the success did not come from treating people without respect.


The web site is in the top 3% of all of Yahoo with positive customer feedback. No other web site, including the Waveshoppe web site, let’s real people have the opportunity to post their real comments. The Yahoo feedback is on the top left corner of all 2,500 pages of the web site. Read it. You will see that this, name calling The Waveshoppe, “competitor” is simply jealous and full of insulting bull shit and name calling. I can only guess that his comments come from his own frustrations and inablity to create business. The web site is a mirrored web site on rates in positive customer feed back between 96% and 100%. If I may take a paraphrase from Abraham Lincoln. “You can satisfy all of the people some of the time. You can satisfy some of the people all of the time. But, you can not satisfy all of the people all of the time.”  



Here is the wave web site’s third piece of diatribe:
“Mickey Steinborn:”Vindictive Fat Lady with a hair ball stuck in her brain” Ok that title alone clearly demonstrates that this post is full of hate aimed at plus sized people, a clear sign that some people should not interact with others, ever.”

My reply to this laughable bull-shit. He has taken something out of context and come up with pure nonsense. There is humor within my blog. Take it at it’s face value and you are simply wrong and probably ignorant like The Waveshoppe. Don’t read between the lines. Wave dude, The Waveshoppe’s web site does not offer a single item over 2X. caters to the large size woman. My goodness, web site offers many items in large women’s sizes to Queen 3X. Wave boy is simply un-informed and probably uneducated.  And, to top it off, his quoted Mu’u Mu’u listings are selling for more than $9.00 per dress higher than the listings. Besides that, the comment he quotes was a tongue and cheek piece of sarcastic humor. You are warned from the beginning that the blog has acerbic and sarcasm writings. If you don’t get it, don’t read it with the wrong, misguided interpretation as this lame dude Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha at “Wave” web site.


His next and final quote and attempt to insult me. His quote is taken out of context to support his childish, boorish statements:


“Mickey Steinborn: “I suggest a diet or date with Richard Simmons for this fat lady before she sings. She has the word kitten in her email address. The only thing kitten about this double X size of a woman is the hair ball she swallowed when she was younger. What an attitude. Vindictive, vicious and just plain stupid. She says my exchange policy is rigid and ridiculous Wow, if I took a wild guess I would say that this guy intentionally flamed and insulted this poor customer, andon the Web of all places. We love all sizes of people! So in the name of wrapping things up, why someone would feel so compelled to say such bad things about people is probably going to remain a mystery. But when people cross the thresholds of decency and write heresies about their very own customers and allow it to propagate the Internet, something needs to be said. Myself, I do my part to help expose evil business owners, even competitors. If you are one of them evil business owners or a competitor and we are hurting your bottom line by kicking your butt in Google, just hang around, there’s a storm brewing in the West Coast. A business owner with integrity would never post stuff like that about customers, but it’s clear that integrity is not included in everyone’s DNA. If your talking smack about your customers you should redeem yourself as quick as you can, at the very least you owe your customers a sincere and formal apology. You may find this clowns trash talk at PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY LINKS TO HIS BLOG OR MAUI SHIRTS WEBSITE.


This is the worst comment offered up from the layman Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha. It is fabricated. It is a make believe comment from one of his so-called customers, with an anonymous name. There are no postive feed back or negative feedback on the web site with “anonymous” names. Sheesh. Give me a break. The Waveshoppe is so far off base, he is out of the ball bark. It is a total farce. It is an envious piece of slander. Just for the record, no one, no link, no web site, no one, has asked that their links be removed from the web site link pages; My Kudo’s page of customer’s comments and photos is all truth; . Wave boy has nothing of this sort to guide you. Wave dude DiMartino is simply screwed up for whatever reason. He lacks the ability to tell the truth with out putting his own sorted twist on it. Most people don’t know a good deal even when it hits them in the face. Beware and be very aware of this guy. Here is his made-up comment: 


“Just wow… Wish I had done a little more research on this Maui Shirts company before giving in to Christmas time panic and ordering from him. I’ve worked in a service industry for 30 years, and so I know that sometimes, we must be assertive with customers. But hello, there are ways to do it with much more class and grace than this guy displays. I’m never shopping there again, and after I tap the Coconut Wireless, neither will a lot of other people. This guy is just… yikes.” 

My final words from all of this wave web site diatribe. I thank this wave web site for taking notice of and giving me this opportunity to make further comment. I’m glad my blog has made some waves. hehe. Pun intended. In fact I have had, up to this point, positive feed back from real people from all over the world. I have received hand written letters, emails by the dozen. My showroom in Lahaina has welcomed visitors from all over the world. Germany and Australia lately. All encourage me to keep up what I’m doing. They all had one thing in common. They liked reading my blog. They tell me that I’m one of the few, if any, who has the nerve to tell it like it is. I’m not going to hide behind fantasy, made up, make believe customer’s comments. The month of May, 2007, I’m proud to say, when the wave web site wrote his lies and bull-shit on his blog, by far, was the busiest month has ever had. Possibly I’m not the ogre the wave is making me out to be? In ten full years in this internet business, May, 2007, was the biggest grossing month to date. Now, of course, December has gone by. December did out gross May. is on the Island of Maui. We do not exist on the Mainland as this wave blog suggests. We ship from Maui. We are not manufacturers as this competitor contends they are. The surf boy does not manufacture anything. The wave eludes to this on their web site that they are a manufacturer. I doubt very much if they make anything except waves. The same items he is selling on his web site are made in Hawaii by R. J. Clancey. R. J. Clancey is brand name of aloha apparel that is made in Honolulu. offers more R. J. Clancey products on one it’s 2,500 pages than the wave website offers within their entire web site. So, go ahead and believe these comments about me and my blog and my web site. It’s up to you. I am, as I have said, honest and in your face, and not afraid to tell the truth as it is. And, nothing, will dissuade me from doing so. I do not use my blog to promote business. To me, that is just simply silly. A blog is NOT to create or solicit business with false crap about yourself and how good you are, etc. I believe the blog is there for everything else. I use it to vent my frustrations from dealing with the public for over 50 years. I speak the truth. If the truth bothers you, then I’m not lost for comment. If I have offended you in any way, then you are thin skinned and probably have misinterpreted my comments, or you slapped or slandered me first. Don’t take things so seriously as the wave. Life is short. I’ve survived many close calls with death in my 65 years of life. I am a survivor of the infamous 1980 Las Vegas MGM fire and I am a recent kidney cancer survivor. I’ve lived though a car jacking, robbery and other close calls with the grim reapler. is a member of the Better Business Bureau. I think Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha should lodge his next bitter, abusive, diatribe with them.

Live life with Aloha, but don’t turn the other cheek.


Mickey Steinborn, President,, Inc.

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback