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No Christmas cheer from the Plus Size Aussie lady

December 5th, 2010

plus size dressWomen’s Plus Size Hawaiian Dresses


Rating: Good

Price Rating: Good

Shipping Options Rating: Good

Delivery Rating: Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating: OK

Customer Service Rating: Bad

My only negative comment is that there does not seem to be anywhere that one can log on to have a profile. I ordered over a weekend and before I realized the order had apparently gone through but I had no record of it and also my payment through PayPal had been initiated. After waiting for 3 days I sent an email to the merchant who did get back to me quickly stating that I would be notified shortly re my tracking number.

Perhaps I have missed something but this website is not very user friendly.

Other than the above problem I am delighted with my purchases and the exceptional quick delivery.


Response to “BAD” Customer service and “NOT USER FRIENDLY”:

I take umbrage from a two of her comments. We at are known worldwide for our friendly customer service. We pre-set, by default, the ability for the good folks at the Yahoo shopping network for you to rate your experience with us. We value all customer comments. We learn from this exercise.  It is truly rare that someone would say our customer service is “Bad”. We go well out of our way to give you what you want. We try to apply Aloha to all that we do.

The confirmation of ALL orders is sent out automatically and received by ALL customers within a few seconds after any order is processed. If she did not receive a confirmation of her order, it would be a fault on her end.

There is a great time disparity here. As an example, when it is 11 a.m. in the morning on Maui it is either 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. in the morning the next day on Australia.

I’m not sure what this customer is referring to as a “profile”. What could possibly be not user friendly? The only unfriendly thing here seems to be some of this customer’s comments in the public forum.

This customer processed her order from Hackett, Australia on Saturday, Nov. 20th, 6:48 PM Maui time. Customer sent an email the next day, (not 3 days !) on Sunday 11:27 AM and wanted to know why her PayPal account was charged and “what is happening?” The funds are authorized and captured immediately by PayPal when an order is processed using your PayPal account. That is just the way it is.

In reality we would not normally accept an order from an “UNCONFIRMED” shipping address, (her address was unconfirmed), but we made an exception in her case. It seemed reasonable that a buyer of Plus 3X dresses was legitimate and would be pleased to locate this size dress. The plus 3X dresses is one of the most difficult size to locate from any web site or retail store.

Her email was answered quickly the next business day on Monday morning, Nov. 22nd. My goodness, it is not possible to respond any quicker. What is not friendly with that?

Her order shipped out to Australia via a FREE upgrade to Federal Express. (a $45.00 value), on Nov. 26th and was delivered to her 3 days later on Nov. 29th. She would still be waiting for her dresses if we had shipped it via her selection of U.S. International Priority Mail! I’m happy she liked the quick service.

Well, all in all, a rating of “Good” is not so bad, but we cherish the “Excellent” ratings.


Mele KalikimakaHau’oli Makakiki Hou

Merry ChristmasHappy New Year


Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback


October 13th, 2010

short tank - tropical garden Rating: Good
Price Rating: Awful
Shipping Options Rating: Awful
Delivery Rating: Bad
Ease of Purchase Rating:OK
Customer Service Rating: Awful

I verually had no choice it was either pay a restocking fee, or buy something else. Nothing would have been okto try, There wasn’t time to attempt a second clothing purchase. Clothes and oter merchandise are way over priced, and I STILL haven’t seen my refund go back into my bank or be sent to me.

I will not be buying from ths company again.

ps send me my refund.  Barbara J. C. / Saraland, AL



One would think when you purchase a PLUS SIZE 2X DRESS that you would take a few seconds and READ and apply the measurement within the size chart.  The size charts are, unlike many other web sites, on every page. We really do want you to get it right the first time.

This is one irresponsible person’s comments. This kind of person just irks me to no end.  What purpose does this sort of comment published in the public forum serve? I think just another vindictive, unhappy, plus size woman speaks out from some type of frustration.

Of course she got her refund. No one twisted her arm to make a new purchase. Instead of buying a different size dress, she purchase a beach bag. Go figure. No one forced her to make her initial purchase in the first place. How could our shipping options be awful? We ship from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She selected how she wanted her dress shipped. Sheesh.

It is an option to exchange or refund. We gave her a $ 7.50 courtesy coupon. She used it. She returned her Plus Size dress without comment. She gave no explanation. Was it too small, was it too large? Who knows? There is a toll free number to call to ask for assistance. It is on the bottom area of all 3,500 pages of the web site. Anyone of our showroom assistants would have been happy to help her find the correct size.

Our 15% administrative processing fee would not have covered the cost and time to steam her returned dress so it could be re-stocked and re-sold. There are many logical reasons to charge a fee for returns that are not for exchanges. There are NO fess for exchange.

She received her refund in record time; the same day her dress was logged in on Maui.

She did not read any of the information that we make available for every customer. There is no small print. places the exchange information in several places. We ask customers to read this information before they process their order. We ask you to use the size charts. 

Think about it. You are buying limited quantity, made in Hawaii, clothing. prices are competitive and we offer more choices than any other web site selling made in Hawaii clothing. The purchase you make may very well take away the ability from someone else to purchase the same item.

Oh, well, I feel better now. 
Mickey Steinborn, President,, Inc.

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

Slow shipping ?

September 12th, 2010

Hawaii Aloha Hawaii Paradise Legends


Men’s RJC Aloha Shirts:

Hawaii Aloha

Hawaiian Paradise Legends



Rating: Good

Price Rating:Good

Shipping Options Rating: Good

Delivery Rating: Bad

Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent

Customer Service Rating: Good

The shirts were very good, the issue was that the order was (as communicated) processed and shipped a week after I placed the order.   Paul S. / Linthicum Heights, MD




Thank your comments in the public forum.
Your order was delayed and placed on hold for one day for two reasons.
You processed your order on a Sunday, Aug. 29th.

There is no shipping service from Maui on Sunday.

Your order shipped on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.
(1) Your payment with PayPal was with an "Unverified" account.
(2) Your shipping address is "Unconfirmed"

The order was held up one day for review.

The order simply could not have possibly shipped any quicker unless you had selected 2nd Day Federal Express. We ship from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Nothing ships from Maui direct to the Mainland.

There was no indication you were in a rush.
No information was included within your order.

The information about a delay when paying with an unverified and/or unconfirmed PayPal account is stated on the check out page and It is also linked on the top of all 3,500 pages of the web site.

We are very sensitive to "BAD" comments placed into the Yahoo public forum.

If you require a rush order, please call ahead to check stock, select alternates or type this information into the "Special Instructions" below where you enter your email address on your order form.


Mahalo, Mickey Steinborn,

President,, Inc.

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

Customer leaves “Awful” rating on Yahoo – We respond

July 18th, 2010

 mauishirts_2111_64145460 hawaiian aloha










martini sky moonlight surf











Rating: Awful

Price Rating: Bad

Shipping Options Rating: OK

Delivery Rating: OK

Ease of Purchase Rating: OK

Customer Service Rating: OK

I ordered Kahalla Shirts, they sent RJC. Not the same

Frank Telles / Medinah, IL



In our years of customer service experience, we firmly believe that to succeed, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. We sincerely believe in providing attentive and unsurpassed service to customers and realize this can only be accomplished with unparalleled attention to detail pertaining to each customer’s desires. We can honestly say that we experience genuine satisfaction in providing the best customer service possible.

The shirts received were absolutely exactly what he ordered. Robert J. Clancey (RJC) is the manufacturer of the "Kalaheo" label. The Kalaheo label is reserved for 100% Rayon shirts. The customer did NOT purchase any rayon shirts.

MauiShirts can tolerate any abusive comments/attitudes from customers but untruths about how we ship our Hawaiian shirts is intolerable. We do not allow or look away to blatant and unfounded claims.

This customer’s name has been removed from our monthly promotional mailings. We would not accept another order from this customer until the "Awful" rating is removed from the Yahoo public feedback forum.

A dishonest business approach, will not get us far. MauiShirts has been in the Aloha Wear industry for 11 years so far. This customer’s accusations will not discourage our Aloha Spirit. We will continue to work hard with a spirit of Aloha in mind.

Warmest Aloha,

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

Please read and use our size charts – You will be glad you did

June 19th, 2010

ukulele hula Rating: Excellent

Price Rating: Good

Shipping Options Rating: Good

Delivery Rating: Good

Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent

Customer Service Rating: Excellent

Excellent turnaround for both original order and for the return and replacement when the original was found to be a tad too small. Mahalo Maui shirts!

Frank M. / The Villages, FL

The shirts and dresses DO NOT run small and they DO NOT run large.
The size charts are accurate. Please – we encourage you to use them.

There are no two manufacturers of clothing that can agree on sizes. There are no universal size charts. You will find size charts on most pages. The measurements compiled in these size charts are taken from Paradise Found and Robert J. Clancey garments. These measurements have little or no relationship to other apparel makers. Please use these size charts with confidence.

Please note that there are many different size charts for men’s shirts and ladies styles. Each style of men’s shirt and each style of ladies apparel has its own size chart. A great deal of time and effort has been taken to create these size charts. would very much appreciate any input if you discover that the measurements within any size chart of any garment do not match the measurements within the size charts.

It is a good recommendation to select the next size up if your size determination is a close fit to the size measurement within the size chart. Please do not hesitate to call the toll free number for specific measurements or further information: 1-866-628-4626 (866-MAUIMAN).
The weights listed in any ladies or children’s size chart are only guess estimations. They are their as a guide only. DO NOT use these weights as an indication of size. Use only the inch measurements and you will make a better decision.

Remember if it does not fit you may exchange it. allows six (6) months to make an exchange. You may exchange for anything. Further information about exchanges can be found here:

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

Arrogant people are insecure people. This one is mean as well.

June 16th, 2010

bamboo-paradise-hawaiian-sundress Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Awful
Delivery Rating: Awful
Ease Of Purchase Rating: OK
Customer Service Rating: Awful

The man on the phone that I placed the order with gave me really faulty info on when I’d get the dress. I needed it by the 11th for a luau I was going to on the 12th…no problem he said. I got the dress on the 14th. 

BUT I love the dress!! It’s gorgeous and I’ll wear it for the engagement party.
Give the right friggin info on the phone!!!! Don’t promise stuff can’t deliver!!!

Jennifer Dixon / North Carolina

Note at the time of the phone call it was noted on the on-line data, by the customer representative, that this was a rude, difficult customer. She hung up the phone on Charlene our showroom representative. She said she spoke with someone about her order and that it would be delivered at certain time.

This statement, of course, is just ‘friggin’ bunk. No one can tell you when the Post Office will deliver a package. How silly? Period. I have no recollection of speaking with her, nor receiving any email from her about anything. We have shipped over 100,000 shipments to every corner of the world. We know what we are talking about. No one here would offer false information. We don’t need your $46.00 sale. We deal with people with kindness and a keen sense of Aloha. Not me or anyone would promise a delivery date via the US Post Office. She is delusional.

It has been my pleasure to remove her from our monthly email list. Hopefully she will not process another order. If she did, it would be respectfully denied. Customer like her need to shop at her local mall and leave us nice folks alone. Where is the Aloha?

Further Note: This woman, I suspect, is to busy to read.  She selected US Priority Mail for her shipping option. She placed her order after 10 PM on Friday, June 7th. The order was shipped two work days later June 8th. We ship from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Common sense would tell you that it will take three to five work days for the Post Office to deliver the package.

Remember the words of our founder: “RUSH AND ALOHA WEAR DO NOT BELONG IN THE SAME SENTENCE.”

We ask you, plead with you, on many pages of the web site, to select Federal Express 2nd Day air for your shipping option if you need your Hawaiian clothing in your hands  in ten days or less.

All I can say is, at least, she has good taste… The dress is our number one seller.

Chill out and have a rum and cokes…

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

The ungrateful customer – Responding to untrue feedback in the public forum

June 10th, 2010

hawaiian symbols boy's 2pc cabana set Rating: Good

Price Rating: OK

Shipping Options Rating: Excellent

Delivery Rating: OK

Ease of Purchase Rating: Good

Customer Service Rating: Good

Copy of his information on the order:

May substitute different color in same style or substitute 1050’s Automobilia style, if necessary.  Need by June 7th, please.

Nice looking clothing, easy ordering process. the only problem was that I had requested delivery by June 7th (to make a birthday date) and the goods arrived a day late.

William K. / Valencia, CA


Here is the U. S. Post Office report:
Detailed Results:

Delivered, June 07, 2010, 3:04 pm, FORT COLLINS, CO 80525

Sorting Complete, June 07, 2010, 11:06 am, FORT COLLINS, CO 80525

Arrival at Post Office, June 07, 2010, 4:37 am, FORT COLLINS, CO 80525

Processed through Sort Facility, June 06, 2010, 8:27 pm, DENVER, CO 80217

Processed through Sort Facility, June 04, 2010, 9:24 pm, HONOLULU, HI 96820

Shipment Accepted; June 04, 2010, 9:56 am, LAHAINA, HI 96761

Electronic Shipping Info Received, June 03, 2010


This is the kind of customer we do NOT want to do business with. Where is the Aloha?

We bust our butts every 7 days a week, work 12 to 14 hours a day, picking, packing shipping customer’s rush orders who, for unknown reasons, do not read. The shipping information can be found on the top area of all 3,500 pages of the web site. It there when you check out. It is hard to miss with a drop down menu when come into the web site on the front page. You are asked if you need your order in your hands in ten days or less to pick 2nd Day Federal Express as your shipping option.  The shipment was delivered on time by the Post Office, yet he had to put his BS into the public forum even if it was untrue.

My goodness we stock over 26,000 shirts and dresses. We ship from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Show some respect. It is impossible to stock every print, in every style, in every color, in every size ALL OF THE TIME. Everything we offer is made in limited quantities in Honolulu. He got a super quality, fantastic print, on time and is not happy. It’s the little thing in life that are important. I don’t like liars and I don’t like ungrateful people. I don’t like people who use the public forum to denigrate our hard work . His email name has been taken off of our monthly specials mailing. His attitude has been noted as problematic.

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

Response to an “Awful” feedback in the Yahoo public forum

May 17th, 2010

hibiscus-plumeria Aloha,

Normally I do not respond to a Yahoo customer feedback.
I’ve made an exception with your comments. I’m somewhat appalled, insulted by your comments in the public forum.

By default, enables Yahoo to request a feedback. It is not a service I set up for you to make up stories and type in untruths. It is there for honest comment and criticism.

Your "awful" comments stand out like a sore thumb amongst hundreds of happy customers. resides within the top 3% of all of Yahoo merchants with positive customer feedback.

What would cause you to offer such nonsense into the public forum? There is an accurate size chart on ALL pages for every print and every style on the web site.  No other web site on the planet, or any web site selling made in Hawaii clothing, for that matter, offers such extensive size charts. How could you miss the information?

How could you rate the price awful? No one forced you to make the purchase. You must have seen the price when you placed the shirt into your shopping cart. You had to see the cost when you received your confirmation within a few seconds after you completed your order. You purchased a custom made print. No one else offers this ladies shirt print or style in a SIZE 24.

How could you rate customer service awful? You never spoke with anyone or emailed me with any concern.

There is nothing "MISLEADING" what-so-ever on my web site. All the information and much, much more is at your fingertips. One only needs to took a few seconds to read it.

I almost plead with people to read the site’s information from a drop-down menu when one enters the web site from the front page. There are links on the top area of all 3,500 pages. Everything you could possibly ask about is there.

I allow six (6) months to make an exchange.No one selling made in Hawaii clothing offers such extensive exchange privileges.

I notice you have purchased a previous order; a 5X Men’s shirt; Order # 26251, February 25, 2010. If was so awful, why did you come back to make a second purchase?

I have dealt with people of all ages and sizes from all parts of the world with a spirit of Aloha for over a decade. I am baffled that my shipping department shipped to you in the first place. It will not happen again. You paid with an "unverified" PayPal account. I have blacklisted your email address. I will request that Yahoo delete your silly, untrue feedback when and if it publishes. Any further comment from you will automatically go into the trash spam folder on the Yahoo servers. I have blocked both IP addresses from your current and previous Order.Your entry into my web site will be blocked.

You are not the kind of person I would ever want to come in contact with again..


Mahalo, (Thank you),
Mickey Steinborn. President


—–Original Message—–
From: M. G. – through Yahoo! Shopping   
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: Customer feedback 

To view this order follow this link:

Rating: Awful


Price Rating:Awful

Shipping Options Rating:Awful

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Good

Customer Service Rating:Awful


Body:MISLEADING and therefore not enough information about the SIZEe of the garments (shirts) was included before the purchase. It taught me to shop where returns are allowed. I will not recommend this site to anyone.

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

One not so happy customer gone stealth

January 5th, 2010

Rating: OK
Price Rating:OK
Shipping Options Rating:OK
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Good
Customer Service Rating:OK

I ordered several items form  They arrived in good time and well packaged.  I was dissapointed in the items I received. Two of the items were not made as well as I had hoped for that price point.  The other two were very nice but did not suit me well.  The last one I felt was a good match so I was going to keep it. 

When I went to return the items I did not like, I found the return process very cumbersome and archaic.  I was required to send an email for a return authorization.  It took two days to receive a long and rambling email.  I was most disapointed to read that I was being charged a 15% restocking charge.  Because of this I deceided not to keep the final item but to send it all back since it was going to cost me anyway.  I send back the items the same method sent to me and it cost me half of what they charged me. 

I will not be using this merchant again.


(copied, above, with the spelling errors exactly as this customer sent it to the Yahoo Feedback request).
Just a footnote here. We enable customer’s to receive the Yahoo Feedback request. We do this by default.

Unfortunately we are unable to respond to Yahoo Feedback. Hence the blog. I usually ignore this sort of  silly trash, but I’m feeling frisky today.
Most of these negative people usually end with a threat. “…I’ll tell all my friends not to buy from you” or something of this nature. It did end with “I will not be using this merchant again.

In one word: “GOOD”.

This was a recent comment from an “Anonymous” customer.
I love it when the customer is afraid to put their name on their public forum comments. It’s always the negative stuff that comes anonymous.

Here is my reply.


Dear Disgruntled,

The return exchange authorization offered you a $ 9.00 or $ 10.00 Courtesy coupon.

The process could not be simpler. Send back what you do not want. Make a new purchase for your exchange.
We have several Internet shops; EBay, and the main web site,
If only I could make things easier when you want to exchange. EBay nor allow exchange procedures.
If you Pay with PayPal it is a whole different world. If you made a purchase on it is yet another world.
We do not have access to credit card data when you place an order on
Things can get a bit sticky when an exchange or return is requested. All you need is a little time to read the information or,

We allow you 6 months to exchange. Who in the world does this?

Responding to an email within two days sounds more than reasonable to me. 
If you want instant gratification I suggest shopping at your local mall.
I must filter through hundreds of emails per day. Spam has slowed down response time.

You should NOT have placed your order without reading the Friendly Helper – Please Read links. This information is almost impossible to miss when you enter the main web site. This information about handling fees, returns, exchanges and much, much more is also easily found on the top area of all 3,500 pages of the web site.  There are no fees what–so-ever for exchanges. One line in particular you missed: Please take time to read the Important Information about Ordering, Shipping, Returns & Exchanges. This should prevent most, if not all, issues or misunderstandings with your order.

You read nothing.  We sell Made in Hawaii aloha wear. ALL items are made in very limited quantities. The purchase you make takes away the ability from someone else to buy the same item. The descriptions and accurate size charts are on ALL pages. There is no small print. There is no misleading anything.

It is people like you that we do not want to do business with. Had you used your order number or name we would have immediately removed you from our monthly mailing and blocked your IP address on the odd thought that you might place another order. Life is too short to deal with your kind of negative attitude. Hopefully when next months mailing is sent, you will opt out.

I suggest you shop at Hilo Hattie or some other Made in China web site clothing store. Hilo Hattie does millions of dollars a year in gross sales and has hundreds of employees to kiss butt. sells about a million dollars a year of quality, brand name Paradise Found and R.J. Clancey aloha wear to happy, friendly, respectful and grateful customers world wide.  These brands have been making top of the line aloha wear for over 50 years. They must be doing something correct.

We have one full time employee, one part time employee and me. We do one hell of a job making people happy. And, we have been doing so for over 50,000 orders.

From Maui with Aloha,


Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback

You can’t always get what you want

December 23rd, 2009

Price Rating:OK
Shipping Options Rating:Good
Delivery Rating:Good
Ease of Purchase Rating:OK
Customer Service Rating:Good

It really is a nice site.  However, purchasing for infants is challenging.  We have twins in our family and, of course, Mom loves to dress them alike. Many of the outfits that you had were limited in quantity.  That being said, the ones that we were able to purchase two of each are not only adorable but looked to be of good quality!  I do see myself ordering again from in the future.  Thank you!


My comments:

When you read the “Available-Selections” drop-down menu and you see that that there is specific on-hand stock show: 2 in stock, 1 in stock etc., you must realize that there is no more. Every print must come to an end sometime. It is impossible to stock every print, in every color, in every size and in every style all of the time. offers thousands of items that are made in very limited quantities in Honolulu. sells Made In Hawaii family apparel. Every single item is made in limited quantity. Fabric sells out. Styles sell out. Prints sell out.
New prints are added frequently. The choices and selections are tremendous all of the time. The web site is over 3,500 pages. stocks over 23,000 items in our showroom.

It is always recommended that alternate colors, prints be selected to prevent partial orders and disappointment.

Mickey Steinborn

Responses To Yahoo Customer Feedback