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Flag theft on Memorial Day

american_flag We all know there are thieves out there. They are everywhere. They are lurking around in every city in every state in every country. I came to live on this island paradise, Maui, because I was attempting to get away from the theft and evil prevalent in the big mainland cities. It was a valid reason. I knew crime would be here too, just less of it, less people, less crime. But, what kind of foul, low life would steal my U.S. flag on Memorial Day? What kind of low-life would steal the unfurled American flag on one the most sacred days memorializing the men and women who have died defending the ideals of freedom? What kind of moron is this? What kind of fool could be that thoughtless?

My nylon American flag was a beautiful flag. I owned it for many, many years. I displayed on my lanai in a side wall bracket, on appropriate holidays and illuminated it in the evening. It had embroidered stars and sewn stripes. It was Made in the U.S.A. by Valley Forge Flag Company. It was not one of those cheap, flimsy made in Taiwan ink dyed flags. It was the best quality you could purchase. Now, some low-life with zero moral character must have thought it was a joke to pull it out of its wall bracket and walk off with it in the middle of the night. The only joke is the person who stole it.

So, fellow citizens, and you tourists take heed. Don’t leave anything you own unattended. If you don’t keep your eye vigilant your property will find itself gone in a New York second. If it’s not screwed or bolted down it will disappear without a trace. Some creep is hiding in some corner, behind some rock, in the shadows always waiting to relieve you of your valuables. Believe it. The thieves are our there. They are everywhere you reside or travel to take what is not theirs for no reason and for nothing less than idiocy.


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