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Shipping Charge complaints

March 16th, 2007

To those few customers, from time to time, who complain so vehemently about the cost of ?absorbent? shipping. These concerned folks leave negative feedback on the public forum of Yahoo. I would like to speak with them here, since they are so bent on vindictive remarks. Of course, not knowing why they buy from me and pay the shipping charges is a mystery. The cost of shipping and handling is on a link that is on the top of ALL pages of the web site and also on the check out page. You have to check the box for your selection of shipping before you check out. The cost is there in clear and easy to understand language. I?m only guessing they are either blind in one eye or just plain stupid. If the cost of shipping is so high to them, why do they continue to place orders?


MauiShirts.com ships from the middle of the Pacific Ocean from an island called Maui. Things cost more here because it cost more to get them here. There are no bridges or tunnels from the Mainland to the island of Maui. And, I suspect these things will not be built in my lifetime.


Having this solitude is somewhat comforting at times. The whole purpose of living and working here on the Valley Isle paradise would be shattered by the hustle and bustle of Mainland life.


For example; the white tissue paper that is used to wrap all your boxed items so neatly cost approximately $ 800.00 per year, and to get it to Maui from the Mainland is another $ 300.00 per year. Boxes that come from the Mainland take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. They have to be obtained in quantities of 500 or more and need to be stored. MauiShirts.com ships out 200 to 300 boxes per week. Do the math. Packing boxes and shipping is much more than pulling something off a rack and sticking? it into a box. There are many mitigating factors that affect the cost of shipping. These are known as “Handling”. Rather than bore you with business costs, let me make a suggestion. Find another web site to make your purchases. You will only pay $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 more per men?s shirt or ladies dress, but the shipping might be free. This way you will not have to take your precious Mainland busy-time to write negative feedback for the whole world to read in the Yahoo public forum. I will no longer have to jump through hoops to pack you freaking rush orders and you will get free shipping.


Every item offered for sale on MauiShirts.com, 2,500 pages of web site, is discounted. Every shipment box receives a $ 5.00 coupon that can be used for your next purchase. Some boxes even receive a $ 2.00 coupon good for children?s apparel.


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