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Da Kine – Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Aloha Gibberish

January 25th, 2009

I did a search for the fun of it recently on Google for MauiShirts blog and found this link to some nonsense web site’s comments from May, 2007 about MauiShirts.com.  Here is the link to these folks: http://hawaiianalohashirts.blogspot.com/2007/05/delete-links-to-maui-shirts.html

If you believe the diatribe from the owners Peggy Hillen and/or Charles Stankowvich from San Diego then I suggest you shop there. Good luck. Let me give you a much better location in San Diego for shopping for Aloha Wear:  http://www.alohashirtshop.com/

These folks took pieces and bits out of paragraphs from my blog about funny stories and experiences with silly customers and twisted my words as if they were serious comments. It’s humor. This is not serious stuff.  The comments are not hateful. What could be more funny than "Vindictive Fat Lady with a hair ball stuck in her brain"? I mean, if you think this is a serious comment, please seek psychiatric help.  Sheesh, talk about a waste of time. You would think these folks had better things to do.

And then, of course, Da Kine blog adds vindictive comment about delete links to the MauiShirts.com web site.  MauiShirts.com only links to friends and neighbors: http://www.mauishirts.com/hawaiian-links.html . The Da Kine  blog even invented some "Anonymous" customer comment at the end of their report about me, Mickey Steinborn, to back up their silliness. Wow! Da Kine, blog of  the Wave Shoppe must be desperate for customers and sales.

After reading their gibberish I suspect there is definitely something amiss going on there. Where is the Aloha? It’s not at the Wave Shoppe. This is for sure.  Mickey

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