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Neon Orchid is a big hit on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

November 22nd, 2008


neon-orchid You might recognize the Neon Orchid Shirt that I was wearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show this past summer.  As a matter of fact, you probably were watching the show and recognized the shirt but didn’t know who I was.  Because of "the shirt" and my wonderful personality, I was chosen to be on the show where I won a trip for two to Las Vegas.  It’s not a photograph, but it’s my story.  By the way, we don’t play golf, so I got the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau to, in lieu of golf, send me $$$$ to spend any way I chose.

And all because of "the shirt".  Watch the clip even if you can’t share it on your web site.   One of these days, I would like to visit you in person instead of buying your wonderful shirts on line.  I’ve never been to the islands, but I feel like I have when I wear one of my Maui Shirts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-PYNVJcnSE


Paul / San Antonio, TX


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