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No Christmas cheer from the Plus Size Aussie lady

December 5th, 2010

plus size dressWomen’s Plus Size Hawaiian Dresses


Rating: Good

Price Rating: Good

Shipping Options Rating: Good

Delivery Rating: Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating: OK

Customer Service Rating: Bad

My only negative comment is that there does not seem to be anywhere that one can log on to have a profile. I ordered over a weekend and before I realized the order had apparently gone through but I had no record of it and also my payment through PayPal had been initiated. After waiting for 3 days I sent an email to the merchant who did get back to me quickly stating that I would be notified shortly re my tracking number.

Perhaps I have missed something but this website is not very user friendly.

Other than the above problem I am delighted with my purchases and the exceptional quick delivery.


Response to “BAD” Customer service and “NOT USER FRIENDLY”:

I take umbrage from a two of her comments. We at MauiShirts.com are known worldwide for our friendly customer service. We pre-set, by default, the ability for the good folks at the Yahoo shopping network for you to rate your experience with us. We value all customer comments. We learn from this exercise.  It is truly rare that someone would say our customer service is “Bad”. We go well out of our way to give you what you want. We try to apply Aloha to all that we do.

The confirmation of ALL orders is sent out automatically and received by ALL customers within a few seconds after any order is processed. If she did not receive a confirmation of her order, it would be a fault on her end.

There is a great time disparity here. As an example, when it is 11 a.m. in the morning on Maui it is either 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. in the morning the next day on Australia.

I’m not sure what this customer is referring to as a “profile”. What could possibly be not user friendly? The only unfriendly thing here seems to be some of this customer’s comments in the public forum.

This customer processed her order from Hackett, Australia on Saturday, Nov. 20th, 6:48 PM Maui time. Customer sent an email the next day, (not 3 days !) on Sunday 11:27 AM and wanted to know why her PayPal account was charged and “what is happening?” The funds are authorized and captured immediately by PayPal when an order is processed using your PayPal account. That is just the way it is.

In reality we would not normally accept an order from an “UNCONFIRMED” shipping address, (her address was unconfirmed), but we made an exception in her case. It seemed reasonable that a buyer of Plus 3X dresses was legitimate and would be pleased to locate this size dress. The plus 3X dresses is one of the most difficult size to locate from any web site or retail store.

Her email was answered quickly the next business day on Monday morning, Nov. 22nd. My goodness, it is not possible to respond any quicker. What is not friendly with that?

Her order shipped out to Australia via a FREE upgrade to Federal Express. (a $45.00 value), on Nov. 26th and was delivered to her 3 days later on Nov. 29th. She would still be waiting for her dresses if we had shipped it via her selection of U.S. International Priority Mail! I’m happy she liked the quick service.

Well, all in all, a rating of “Good” is not so bad, but we cherish the “Excellent” ratings.


Mele KalikimakaHau’oli Makakiki Hou

Merry ChristmasHappy New Year


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