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Wedding at the Olcott Yacht Club, New York

November 29th, 2009


My husband and I ordered the white on white-on-white Hibiscus Aloha shirt for our casual outdoor wedding. It was perfect- Bob says it was very comfortable, fit nicely, and photographed well. The order arrived really quickly too, which was unexpected since we are in Olcott Beach, NY (on Lake Ontario north of Buffalo). 

The wedding was 9/12/09, a small ceremony on my parents front porch with our family and neighbors in attendance. Hawaiian shirts encouraged, lawn chairs appreciated. The reception was a huge pig roast at the Olcott Yacht Club, with island decor. It was a lot of fun. Actually, I think some of our guests also had MauiShirts as well.

Thanks again, Melynda Bensinger Stolzenberg

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